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The Wincott Foundation was set up in 1969 in honour of Harold Wincott, the most distinguished economic journalist of his day in the UK. The current chairman is Sir Richard Lambert, former editor of the Financial Times. Sir Richard is supported by a group of trustees who have a background in business, journalism and academia.

Fellow Biographies

Adesola Akindele-Afolabi

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Michaelmas 2019)

Covenant University, Nigeria, MA, Economics and Development Studies
Present Post: Financial Journalist, Business A.M., Nigeriaa
Paper: The effect of financial journalism on the Nigerian business landscape: a focus on banking and financial institutions

Chineme Carl Okafor (Nigeria)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Trinity 2019)

Ahmadu Bello University, MA, International Affairs and Diplomacy
Present Post: Journalist in Abuja bureau, Thisday Newspapers,
Paper: Infographics, New Media and Media Consumption Habits in Nigeria. For details, click here.

Doreen Wainainah (Kenya)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Trinity 2018)

Africa Nazarene University, B Comm
Present Post: Journalist with Business Daily, Nairobi
Paper: Technology Disruption in Kenya: Challenges Facing Local Newsrooms

No fellow in 2017

Laban Cliff Onserio (Kenya)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Michaelmas 2016)

Strathmore University, B Comm
Present Post: Business News Anchor, NTV, Nairobi
Paper: What Kenya's Nation Media Group Learn from International Media to Improve Business Reporting

Edwin Okoth (Kenya)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Michaelmas 2015)

Kenyatta University, BA in Communications.
Present Post:Newspaper reporter specialised in writing business news and features with Kenya's largest newspaper by circulation and readership - the Daily Nation.
Paper: The Emergence of Vernacular Radio in the Gradually Evolving Kenyan Media Scene

Aleksey Eremenko (Russia)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Trinity 2015)

Present Post:Alexey Eremenko is a producer for NBC News in Moscow. Alexey produces and coordinates NBC's coverage of Russia, Ukraine, other ex-Soviet countries and, occasionally, the rest the world. Alexey has a background in medieval sciences, having defended a PhD on the ethical system in Icelandic Viking legends. - Click here for more.
Paper: War for the Internet: The Kremlin's Struggle with Online Journalism - Click here for more..

Jiri Zatloukal (Czech Republic)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Michaelmas 2014)

Masaryk University, PhD in literature.
Present Post: Business reporter and deputy head of the economic desk with the Czech weekly magazine, Tyden (The Week).
Paper: 25 Years later: The Delusion of Capitalism in Central Europe

Andrey Babitskiy (Russia)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Trinity 2014)

Moscow State University,MSc. in Zoology, Severtsov Institute for Ecology and Evolution, PhD in animal ecology
Present Post: Editor, Russian Edition Esquire magazine
Paper: Institutions versus technological optimism: Russian business media on the Skolkovo innovation centre.

Stefan Antonov (Bulgaria)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Michaelmas 2013)

D.A.Tzenov Academy of Economics, Svishtov, Bulgaria Master's Degree in Finance.
Present Post: Business journalist, Economedia Jsc
Paper: How the oligarchy seized the Bulgarian economy whilst in the European Union.

Vadim Makarenko (Poland)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Hilary 2013)

Warsaw University, Faculty of Journalism and Public Policy, Master's Degree in Mass Communication.
Present Post: Business journalist, Gazeta Wyborcza
Awards:Grand Press - Polish journalistic award - in explanatory reporting and feature reporting. Nominated four times.
Paper: United we are the power - an examination of differences in the reporting of European Union activities in various member countries.

Hrvoje Kresic (Croatia)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Michaelmas 2012)

Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, Study of Anthropology and Croatian language and literature
Present Post: TV reporter, RTL Hrvatska
Previous Positions: Reporter for Novi list, Croatia's oldest daily newspaper, covering: City of Zagreb affairs
Awards:2009 European Young Journalist Award for article "Buyers of clean air or clear conscience - sales of emission units of greenhouse gases in the EU"

Paper: Croatia: The Cost of Corruption

Szabolcs Tohotom Toth (Hungary)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Hilary 2012)

Eotvos Lorant University of Sciences, Budapest. English and Hungarian language and literature.
Present Post: Editor, weekend supplement of Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet
Previous Positions: Napi Magyarorszag (Hungarian daily); Budapest Weekly (Budapest based English language weekly), both of which are defunct; Blikk (Hungarian tabloid)

Paper: Common Ground: Is the successful digital transition of newspapers threatened by free public news?

Iuliana Roibu (Romania)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Michaelmas 2011)

University Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iasi, Romania, BA in Journalism and Communication Sciences.
Present Post: Deputy Editor-in-Chief, BUSINESS Magazin, Romania
Previous Positions: Editor, Polirom Publishing House (1998-2001), journalist/editor Evenimentul Zilei (2001-2005). Correspondent on PRO TV, presenting the financial and business news (2005-2009).
Awards: Romanian Press Club Best Business Journalist of the Year 2007, 2010

Paper: The Social Role of Business

Olga Loiko (Belarus)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Hilary 2011)

Specialist degree in journalism from Belarusian State University, specialist degree in economics from Belarusian State Economic University.
Present Post: Observer of the Belarusian web portal, TUT.BY and News Editor of the project FINANCE.TUT.BY
Previous Positions: Observer in the Belorussian bureau of Interfax, Prime-Tass News Service in Belarus.

Paper: Business journalism for the general reader: an inquiry into new media and business reporting

Oksana Vozhdaeva (Russia)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Michaelmas 2009, Hilary 2010)

Tomsk University, Faculty of Journalism; Postgraduate School of International Journalism MGIMO (Moscow)
Present Post: Producer and reporter of the Tomsk Broadcasting Company
Previous Positions: Teacher, Faculty of Journalism, Tomsk State University, correspondent, Kommersant–West Siberian, Novosibirsk; reporter on TV-2, Thomsk Broadcasting Company. Awards: regional “Akuly pera” (Pen Sharks) in the “reporting” category; All Russian "Time to Act” (twice); “TEFI – regional prize” of National Television Academy.

Paper: The crisis in commercial regional TV: main challenges and possible solutions. A comparison of Russia and the UK.

Suren Musayelyan (Armenia)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Hilary 2009)

Valeriy Brusove State Lingustic University, graduate in Russian and English Languages and Literature, Yerevan; PgDIP/MA in newspaper journalism, Nottingham Trent University (UK).
Present Post: Deputy Editor, ArmeniaNow online magazione
Previous Positions: reporter and managing editor of ArmeniaNow in Yerevan.

Paper: Armenia: Building a Competitive Economy

Pyotr Vlassov (Russia)

Wincott Fellow (Hilary 2002)

Moscow State University, Masters level degree from Department of Journalism.(1990 – 1995), PhD (1995 to present) Thesis comparing pagan and Christian Weltanschauung concepts submitted.
Present Post: International Editor of Weekly Expert and Petroleum Argus.
Previous Positions: Freelance writer with Tenergy (1999 – 2000) American Desk Reporter Itar Tass (1994 – 1996).

Paper No 178: Europe/Russia Energy Relations: From Mutual Dependency to Mutual Co-operation

Mr Erno Simon (Hungary)

Wincott Fellow (Hilary)

Moscow State Institute of Int. Relations, MA in Journalism.
Present Position: International Affairs Editor, Figyelo (money and business weekly) 1992-2000.
Previous Positions: Int Affairs Editor Daily Magyar Nismret, (1992-2000) Mr Simon is a business journalist who will be examining the influence of public opinion on corporate behaviour.

Paper no 192: We Made you, We can Break You The influence of public opinion on corporate decision making.

Ms Aija Lulle (Latvia)

Wincott Fellow (Trinity 2003)

University of Latvia BA Latvian philology (1997), University of Latvia., MSc (Sociology 2002)
Present Appointment: Neatkariga Rita Avize, News Reporter, foreign policy and editor of the Society Integration Supplement. (2001 to present)
Past Appointment: News Reporter, domestic news department (1999 to 2001).

Ms Lulle has covered both domestic and foreign policy issues and was the entertainment editor of her newspaper for one year. She undertook a Masters degree whilst working full-time. Many of the issues she now reports on from a foreign policy perspective are closely linked to economical factors and the newspaper is extending its coverage of ecomomic dimensions of foreign news.

Paper no 214: Replacement Migration: Is it a solution for Latvia’s ageing and declining population?

Mr Sergey Minaev (Russia)

Wincott Reuters Fellow (Trinity 2003)

Moscow University, Inst. Afro-Asia Studies, Specialist degree as International Economist (1980 – 1986). Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctorate in International Economics (1986 – 1990)
Present Appointment: Chief Economic Columnist, Kommersant (1992 till present)
Past Appointments: Correspondent Economic Policy, Kommersant (1990 – 1992), also Senior Research Fellow at Russian Academy of Sciences (1995 till now), Research Fellow, RAS (1989 – 1995).

Mr Minaev is a senior journalist with the Kommersant Publishing House and also an academic with specialist knowledge of Russian Economics. His dissertation subject was “Some problems of price theory in international trade”. He has been described as one of the founders of modern economic journalism in post-soviet Russia.

Paper No 213: Commenting on Exchange Rate Movements; A case study of the British Media


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