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The Wincott Foundation was set up in 1969 in honour of Harold Wincott, the most distinguished economic journalist of his day in the UK. The current chairman is Sir Richard Lambert, former editor of the Financial Times. Sir Richard is supported by a group of trustees who have a background in business, journalism and academia.

Wincott Lifetime Achievement Award
Sir Geoffrey Owen

At the annual awards lunch of The Wincott Foundation on 19 May, 2016, Sir Richard Lambert, chair, presented Sir Geoffrey Owen with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

In making the presentation, Sir Richard said: "This is a special occasion. It marks the moment when Geoff Owen steps down as chair of the Wincott Foundation after 18 distinguished years.

"The Foundation was set up in 1969 to celebrate what have come to be known as Wincottian values - fair and accurate reporting, and clear analysis of complex economic and financial issues. The very qualities that our prizewinners today have all demonstrated. As a journalist and editor of the Financial Times, and in his subsequent role at the Foundation, Geoff has been the embodiment of these values. Editing the FT through the 1980s, his integrity, judgment, decency and determination took it through what was a tricky period for journalism and left it in robust health. He was also a brilliant talent spotter. All these years later, a number of the big names still working on the paper today were hired by him.

"As chair of the Wincott Foundation, he has had an unerring instinct for the right priorities, among other things helping to spread Wincottian values to Eastern Europe and Africa through a programme of journalist fellowships.

"And of course he has continued to write. His latest book, Science, the State and the City, has just been published by OUP and must be bought by everyone in this room. Reading it as I have been in the past few days, I've found myself asking the question that has been on my mind for several decades. How on earth does he know all this stuff?

"For these reasons, the Trustees felt there was a compelling case for an award that the Foundation has only made once before - to Sir Samuel Brittan,in 2013 (click here for details). We wanted to recognize Geoff's achievements in a special award. So that's what we have decided to do. Then came the question: what form should the award take? A glossy certificate obviously. We felt it needed a bit more than that. And we decided that the answer would be a couple of good bottles of Chateau Latour. Among other reasons, there's a pleasing symmetry in the fact that this is another part of its heritage that Pearson has parted with in recent decades. So Geoff, thank you for what you have done for many of us personally over the years, and for raising the game of economic journalism in all kinds of different ways. And congratulations on being the second person in 47 years to hold a Wincott Lifetime Achievements award."


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